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ASUS officially announced the Eee Pad Transformer Prime on November 9th. The device will be available for sale in the US from the 19th of December. Check out the Pricing page for more info on where to buy.

Internationally, the Transformer Prime is expected to make an appearance in Europe (including the UK) by early January. The lucky people in Taiwan get to buy the device from December 1st, but buyers in other countries will have to wait until after Christmas.

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16 thoughts on “Release Date

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  3. notified me during my pre-order yesterday that they will receive them in their warehouse Dec 5, and shipping out from there should be a couple days likely and then 5-10 business days to receive one.

  4. Hey Bob, you grumpy old fuck, why don’t you lighten up and stop trolling. As Asus has already proven, the release date is highly flexible. Most companies do not meet their stated release dates, so get your facts right. I know you wont read this comment and that’s really too bad.

    • Maybe you should get your facts straight. He was talking about the ‘announcement date’, not the ‘release date’. The release date is stated to be early December, which can still be true as of this writing. As far as I know, the two are not interchangeable. Try reading it more thoroughly before swearing.

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